FROM THE Foreword

Graham Shaw belongs to the rare breed of writers who are able to communicate the thrill of discovery and travel that bibliography and book history bring to the researcher.

This is the special gift that has enabled Shaw to make the smooth transition from bibliographical research to the history of printing in South Asia, and to the larger dimensions of book history in the region – a stupendous range stretching from typography in countless scripts to the sociology of dissemination and reception of texts. All readers and admirers of Shaw would feel grateful for this collection.”


Distinguished Professor in the Humanities at the Presidency University, Kolkata and Head Librarian, National Library of India. Kolkata and Head Librarian, National Library of India.



There is no doubt that these essays will fulfil Graham Shaw’s hope that they ‘act as a stimulus to new lines of investigation’.

Aside from their highly informative detailed content they serve to underline the importance of critically informed and grounded historical enquiry, pointing to many worthwhile but as yet unexplored areas of research. Above all, this collection of essays celebrates precisely what Graham in a different context has described as ‘the multiplicity of language-based regional print cultures’. In his own particularly apposite words: long live non-Latin scripts!”


Type designer, Lecturer, and Curator, Non-Latin Type Collection, University of Reading. Type designer, Lecturer, and Curator, Non-Latin Type Collection