Foreword  Swapan Chakravorty

An eventful research journey

A ‘national history’ of the book in India
Is it meaningful?  What needs to happen?

Part I  Early printing: general overviews

A revised outline of early South Asian printing
The beginnings of government and commercial printing in India
Ambalacatta, Duverdier and Halhed: some notes on early printing
Examples of Indian scripts in Purchas his pilgrimes

Part II  Western India

The beginning of printing at Bombay
The printer of the first book published in Bombay
The Tanjore Aesop in the context of early Marathi printing

Part III  South India and Sri Lanka

Scaliger’s copy of an early Tamil catechism
A ‘lost’ work of Henrique Henriques: the Tamil confessionary of 1580
The Copenhagen copy of Henrique’s Flos Sanctorum
An early Madras almanac
Printing at Mangalore and Tellicherry by the Basel Mission
Printing by the British in Sri Lanka at the end of the 18th century

Part IV  Northern India

The evolution of types in the Devanagari script
The first printing press in the Punjab
Matba‘a in Muslim India
Lithography vs letterpress in India

Part V  East India and Bangladesh

The birth of Calcutta printing
Some facets of eighteenth-century Bengali printing
Printing interest in the British Library’s Halhed Bengali manuscripts
The first Calcutta almanac
Calcutta woodcuts in OMPB
A letter from James Augustus Hicky
The Cuttack Mission Press and early Oriya printing
The first Bengali book printed in Bangladesh
Printing and publishing in Dhaka

An update to the South Asia and Burma Retrospective Bibliography
(SABREB) Stage 1: 1556–1800

Afterword  Fiona Ross

All rights reserved | © 2017

Impressions of the past: print culture and typography in South Asia



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