Foreword  Swapan Chakravorty

An eventful research journey

A ‘national history’ of the book in India
Is it meaningful?  What needs to happen?

Part I  Early printing: general overviews

  • A revised outline of early South Asian printing
  • The beginnings of government and commercial printing in India
  • Ambalacatta, Duverdier and Halhed: some notes on early printing
  • Examples of Indian scripts in Purchas his pilgrimes

Part II  Western India

  • The beginning of printing at Bombay
  • The printer of the first book published in Bombay
  • The Tanjore Aesop in the context of early Marathi printing

Part III  South India and Sri Lanka

  • Scaliger’s copy of an early Tamil catechism
  • A ‘lost’ work of Henrique Henriques: the Tamil confessionary of 1580
  • The Copenhagen copy of Henrique’s Flos Sanctorum
  • An early Madras almanac
  • Printing at Mangalore and Tellicherry by the Basel Mission
  • Printing by the British in Sri Lanka at the end of the 18th century

Part IV  Northern India

  • The evolution of types in the Devanagari script
  • The first printing press in the Punjab
  • Matba‘a in Muslim India
  • Lithography vs letterpress in India

Part V  East India and Bangladesh

  • The birth of Calcutta printing
  • Some facets of eighteenth-century Bengali printing
  • Printing interest in the British Library’s Halhed Bengali manuscripts
  • The first Calcutta almanac
  • Calcutta woodcuts in OMPB
  • A letter from James Augustus Hicky
  • The Cuttack Mission Press and early Oriya printing
  • The first Bengali book printed in Bangladesh
  • Printing and publishing in Dhaka

An update to the South Asia and Burma Retrospective Bibliography
(SABREB) Stage 1: 1556–1800

Afterword  Fiona Ross

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Impressions of the past: print culture and typography in the Indian subcontinent



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